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▌ just like the serpent in the garden of eden
you'll put all kinds of desires into my emptiness again
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26th-Jul-2021 07:13 pm - locked .
♪  >  슈퍼주니어

just a head's up.

11th-Mar-2009 09:05 pm - ringtones ♪
♪  >  조권
EDIT 03/17/09: done. all files are in the mediafire folder; just go to access (saves me the time to make individual links /O/)
EDIT 03/17/09: currently switching all download links to mediafire (m-my bandwidth on box.net ran oouuttttt) that also means I'll be taking down the previews, sorry :/
EDIT 03/13/09: okay so SUPER JUNIOR'S NEW ALBUM IS OUT WHUT. and I made a ton of ringtones (eight variations of SORRY SORRY, anyone? 8D) and btw, there's a lot of Ryeowook bias c:

☆ all files are in mp3 format
☆ all files are 320kbps (but THE KIDDIE's is a little screwy to begin with)
☆ I compress the audio so it'll be a little more compatible with poor phone speakers, idk if it works? orz
☆ I can be persuaded to do requests/alter a ringtone |D


if taking ♥ enjoy /o/
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